Expertly Connected

Blue Bateau is expertly connected to the very best in advertising and marketing, throughout the world. Whether you’re an individual looking for your next career move or a business looking to grow, we’re here to expertly connect you.

As your trusted career partner, we use our extensive knowledge and expertise to only put you forward for roles that are right for your career progression.

As your trusted recruitment partner, you’ll be impressed by our business retention record.
We’re dedicated to the long-term success of every person we place, and continuously make sure that all parties are happy, long after our initial involvement.

As your trusted corporate partner, we combine our strategic capabilities with data-driven insights to enable new, mutually beneficial, partnerships to form and flourish.

Our Services

  • Career Strategy
  • Career Coaching
  • Career Recruitment
  • Business to Business Connections
  • Business Coaching  
  • Guest Speaking

Our Markets

  • Australia & New Zealand
  • USA
  • UK & Europe


At the helm of Blue Bateau is, founder, Deanne Constantine. With 20 years’ experience working with the best global brands in the business, Deanne has established an exclusive top-tier international network, for both your personal and corporate introductions. This unparalleled access to the global C-Suite of leading creative companies sees us regularly, and proudly, partnering with the most innovative and inspiring businesses in the industry today.

By continually keeping on top of the latest market insights, we’re able to uncover extraordinary career opportunities for our world class talent, as well as rich business introductions for our exceptional clients.

Our depth of industry experience, elite network and broad global reach, gives us greater access to the world’s most sought-after people and companies, but it’s our genuinely caring manner that sees us retain this access. We’re dedicated to maintaining our relationships long after introductions have been made and contracts have been signed.

If you’d like to make waves in the industry, we’d love to connect with you, expertly of course.


At Blue Bateau, we believe the secret to a long-lasting, prosperous career in the advertising and marketing industry is the company you keep. No matter what your level, the people you choose to connect with, learn from and, in turn, inspire will enhance your success and your rewards.

That’s why at Blue Bateau we don’t just put you in a job, we help you create a path. Our process starts with a bespoke career strategy program we’ve designed to help you define your ultimate goals and true purpose.

If it’s just a job you want, then we can’t help. But if you’re longing for an extraordinary career, while inspiring those around you, then welcome aboard.

For talent representation or career strategy enquiries, connect here.



Blue Bateau is much more than your standard recruitment firm. We’re a modern ideas company driven by innovation, creativity and integrity. By being curious, we remain constantly connected with global markets and, through networking obsessively, we stay at the forefront of the everchanging business we’re in.

At Blue Bateau, we believe that the clients we represent and the talent we approach are tomorrow’s respected leaders. We pride ourselves on being expertly connected with the people who are changing and shaping the world of mainstream media, today and well into the future.

Our recruitment methodology is bespoke and can be tailored to suit your unique aspirations and needs. Led by former advertising and marketing experts, our recruitment process means:

  • Our proven methods guarantee results
  • As extensions of our clients’ brands, we act as their loyal and trusted ambassadors in market
  • We refine our recruitment methodology with the latest cultural trends, insights and relevant data
  • As active members of the global business world, we filter and only share relevant knowledge
  • We transcend the traditional recruitment model by working in more efficient and effective ways

To learn more about the talent we represent or to discuss your talent requirements, connect here.

By being expertly connected, Blue Bateau can offer strategic advice and informed guidance to help steer your business in the right direction. With a market knowledge that’s both deep and broad, we’re able to share insights that can advance your business to where you want it to be.

We draw from our myriad contacts, across all advertising disciplines, to create new and dynamic working communities that our marketing clients leverage to gain insight, collaborate and do business with.

We work with clients, both large and small, and expertly connect them with the right business partners so they don’t just grow, they flourish and thrive.

We’re happy to consult or become an extension of your team in market.

If you’d like to learn more about our network, and how we can help you grow connect here.


Deanne Constantine is the founder of Blue Bateau, a global connections company that provides career and business opportunities exclusively for the advertising and marketing industry.

With 20 years’ advertising experience to her name, Deanne has led some of the world’s most creative and high-profile brands, including Budweiser, Google, Jeep, Qantas and Lion Nathan Breweries. Deanne has spearheaded projects that have gone on to win Cannes Lions, D&AD Pencils and Australasian AWARDs, as well as multiple other major advertising prizes.

Having worked at top-tier creative companies, in both Australia and New York, Deanne has access to a high-performing global network of clients and an ever-deepening talent pool, who regularly partner with Blue Bateau.

A highly-engaged motivational speaker, Deanne has also developed a bespoke coaching platform that centres on making simple, but fundamental, shifts in mindset, attitude and behaviour. Already acknowledged as a proven success, the platform has helped many talented individuals identify their aspirations and achieve their goals.

To enquire about coaching or booking Deanne Constantine for your next event, connect here.